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Tamarack Beach Resort Timeshares

Posted on Tuesday, 28th December, 2010
tamarack beach resort Tamarack Beach Resort Timeshares

View from the Condo's

What is Fixed or Floating Timeshare Weeks and or Points?

What are the benefits and the downsides of owning in a Timeshare?

Are Timeshares a Deeded Property? Can you transfer Ownership?

What about the Tamarack Beach Resort is it fixed or floating?

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Carlsbad Beach

These are some of the most asked questions here at the Tamarack Beach Resort and I thought what a great time to give some helpful information.

Timeshares / Vacation Ownership is a growing option to many people who are looking to have there Annual Vacations in a Great Resort Area but do not want to outright buy Property but would rather share the Cost with many people and still receive the benefits of being an Owner.

Fixed Timeshares/ Vacation Ownership are when you purchase Ownership in a Resort / Timeshare for a Fixed Week each year. Weeks are numbered 1-52, with week one being the first week in January. There are also options on Fixed Unit Numbers meaning you will have the same exact Unit each year. This is a great option for anyone who likes continuity and or needs specific times a year.

Floating Timeshares / Vacation Ownership are when you purchase a Floating Calender Week in a Resort / Timeshare. there is a range of weeks that you can choose from and the year will often be broken up into quarters, but they will more closely match seasonal occupancy than the calendar year. This is a great option if you are able to be more flexible. With Floating Timeshares / Vacation Ownership you are given a Week through out the year there is no guarantee when you will have your Vacation.

Points relate to timeshare products or programs offered by some timeshare companies where they assign a yearly allotment of “points” that can be used like currency for resort stays. This allows Timeshare Owners / Vacation Ownerships a choice and control over when and where they vacation, how long or short they stay, and the size of the unit they stay in. Some points systems are deeded, and some are not.

Almost all Timeshare / Vacation Ownership weeks start and end on Sunday – Friday – Saturday.

The benefits of owning a Timeshare / Vacation Ownership

  1. Two basic types of timeshare ownership.
    1. Traditional ownership offers a single timeshare property with the option to use it for a specific week or floating during the year, and changes add to the cost.
    2. Points-based timeshare ownership you are purchasing points or “currency” to redeem for access to a variety of resort locations and accommodations, so you can choose when to travel and for how long.
  2. Some Timeshare / Vacation Ownerships are deeded property and able to transfer to family
  3. Timeshare / Vacation Ownerships enable you to Exchange for another Resort / Week
    1. Exchange is the process of trading intervals, credits or points at one resort for those at another resort, or in another unit at a home resort. This can allow owners to travel and vacation at various locations. Exchanges are normally facilitated by an intermediary, which could be the timeshare company or a third party exchange companies such as RCI, Interval International
  4. A timeshare takes care of itself. You don’t have to deal with the upkeep of the property as you pay annual maintenance fees that take care of that. Also someone always has an eye on your property if anything goes wrong which is not always true if you own a cottage or a similar vacation property.
  5. Renting out your Timeshare / Vacation Ownership if you are not able to make your assigned annual time slot.

Downsides of Owning a Timeshare / Vacation Ownership

  1. Yearly maintenance fees
  2. Vacation schedule is not flexible. If you do not have a popular time of year or location then you may not be able to exchange your timeshare and be stuck having to visit it every year.
  3. Timeshare / Vacation Ownership involves financial commitment. The concept of timesharing is like a prepaid vacation. If you can’t prepay then you will lose your opportunity to vacation. Timesharing needs a commitment from the owner to pay upfront and also to pay fees on time.
  4. New Timeshares / Vacation Ownerships depreciate in value by thousands of dollars the minute you buy them as a lot of what is factored in their price are inflationary dollars such as taxes, closing fees and price of agent’s fees
  5. Timeshare Resales are generally treated as real property and can be resold to another party. However, most timeshares do not appreciate in value, and therefore should not be considered a money-making investment. Additionally, as much as 50 percent of the original purchase price of a timeshare from a developer or resort went towards marketing costs, sales commission, and other fees, which realistically can never be recouped by the owner.
    1. Brokers and Agents who specialize in reselling timeshare units on behalf of their owners,this arrangement typically involves listing fees, commissions, or both, being paid by the owner to the broker/agent. In return, the broker/agent markets the resale to prospective buyers. Some of the fees associated with third party resales are up-front and non-refundable, regardless of whether the unit sells, or for how much

Are Timeshares a Deeded Property? Can you transfer Ownership?

With deeded contracts the use of the resort is usually divided into week long increments and these are sold as Fractional Ownership and are Real Property. As with any other piece of real estate the owner may use his or her week, rent his or her week, give it away, leave it to his or her heirs or sell the week to another prospective buyer. The Owner is also liable for his portion of real estate taxes, which usually are collected with condominium maintenance fee. Potentially owner can even deduct some property related expenses, such as real estate taxes, from their taxable income

With Right To Use, the purchaser has the right to use the property in accordance with the contract but at some point the contract ends and all rights revert to the Property Owner. In other words, the right to use contract grants the right to use the resort for a specific number of years. In many countries there are severe limits on foreign property ownership, so this is a common method for developing resorts in countries such as Mexico. Care should be taken with this form of ownership as the right to use often takes the form of ‘club membership’ or right to use the reservation system. Where the reservation system is owned by a Company not in the control of the owners, the right of use may be lost with the demise of the controlling Company

What about the Tamarack Beach Resort is it fixed or floating?

The Tamarack Beach Resort is a Floating Timeshare / Vacation Ownership. To determine your allotted week we hold a Lottery on the First Monday of March, April, May depending on Size and Type of Timeshare Owned

The Tamarack Beach Resort offers 1 Bedroom Condos (Sleeps 4 and has 1 Bathroom) and 2 Bedroom Condos (Sleeps 6 and has 2 Bathrooms) all Condos have a Full Size Kitchen (fully furnished), Stack-able Washer & Dryer, Dining Room, Living Room and Private Patios.

There are Two different Owner Types here at the Tamarack Beach Resort

  1. All Season Ownerships which means that your Floating Week can be any time during the Calender Year weeks 1-52
  2. Select Season Ownerships have the Guarantee of a Summer Week (June 15 – September 15) weeks 25-36

Benefits of Ownerships at the Tamarack Beach Resort

  1. Beach Break / Bonus Time – Time spent at a Resort that does not fall within the Owners allocated week (Owner calls 7 days in Advance and is put on a List – Not A Guaranteed Reservation) Rates are $ 40 – $ 50 (Mid Week) – $ 50 – $ 60 (Weekend)
  2. Day Use – Owners can use the Facilities for the Day (June 15 – Sept 15 – Owners need to call 24 hrs prior to check availability
  3. Tamarack Beach Resort is a Deeded Property where you are a Fractional Owner here at the Resort.
  4. Insuring that you and or Family will be getting away from Home while on Vacation Time

This is the very basic in Timeshare Ownerships / Vacation Ownerships but I do hope that this answers some of your questions. For more information please visit and you can also contact us at or

 Tamarack Beach Resort Timeshares



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